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Sunday, March 20, 2011

nipples and an uncut cock in the art room

this image is of a drawing by an art college student

the male nipple, it seems, has by and large, been overlooked as an erogenous zone...pity.
mine, having become more robust than those of most men i have seen, have given me intense heightened pleasure during sexual activity, either with my partner, or alone.
as a man who poses naked at art classes, i have found students are well aware of their presence.
just before getting naked, i usually tweak them to make them fully erect.

the bottom image is of a drawing by an art college student

i also have a blog featuring some of my artwork; check out

in the late 1800s robert baden-powel (you may remember him as the chap who invented little old ladies needing help crossing streets) decreed that your parts are not to be played with, thus precipitating north-americans' obsession with circumcision - the removal of part of the skin of the male sex organ.

it was widely acknowledged that this procedure would seriously curtail the incidence of male masturbation.
and also sexual activity, as the resultimg reduction in pleasure would lead to a reduction in sexual appetite.
i'd say the man should be hanged postumously.....
to all the lads out there who feel the urge (and that is all of us, right, regardless of age) fuck lord baden powell....let's just masturbate to our hearts' content.

the man further suggested that the temptation to masturbate could be resisted by not sleeping under a too warm blanket, washing your parts with cold water and cooling them down, eating less meat and less rich food. he also warned against sleeping on your back in a soft bed to avoid giving in to the urge to engage in this "sinful" practice.

several awful diseases come from indulgence, he warned,one, especially, that rots away the inside of men's mouths, noses and eyes.

his warnings were heeded especially in north america where parents in droves lined up to have their young sons mutilated and relegated to a life time of reduced sexual pleasure..

around the same time a plethora of devices appeared on the market, all designed to discourage masturbation, both male and female.

as a male posing naked for fine art students and artists, i proudly show off my uncut cock .
i am an atheist, but if there were a god, i want to thank her for allowing me to have been born in europe.

note: i believe the word foreskin is a misnomer. it would imply that it's a separate part of the anatomical make-up of the cock.

that is not the case. the cock is encased in skin and circumcision simply rips off a part of it.

the religious right advanced an incredible justification for this practice several yars ago, by claiming that the "harvested" skin was being used to help regenerate skin in burn victims.

the third image is of a drawing done by an art college student, all the others are done by me
for great pics of intact cocks and info , visit


  1. thanks for commenting, good to find your blog too

  2. Without knowing anything, I think it's no accident that the misnomer "foreskin" is used. If it's imagined as a distinct body part, then one may more easily wrap one's mind around the idea of cutting it "off" because it's "bad". Sounds like a classic propaganda/brainwashing move!

  3. Haven't the Catholics condemned masturbation as a Mortal Sin™ for hundreds or maybe thousands of years?

    Was this recent Western adoption of circumcision related to the Jewish practice of it?

    Neither masturbation nor circumcision is mentioned in robert baden-powell's Wikipedia entry, which says he was a military guy in South Africa and founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. But they are mentioned elsewhere.

  4. thank you for your comment, i appreciate it and hope more people will delve into mr. (oh, pardon me, lord) baden powell's background.

  5. Thursday, March 8, 2012an email from tessa
    4/8/11 to me HelllooooEdo my dear friend ! I've been thinking of you so much with this change of light. We must have worked together a lot in the springtime or something :-) I have been painting for myself the last few weeks. What a rush. I think I like what Ive painted too. I will have to have an' unveiling' once Ive finished the piece. I have had some ideas regarding how I would like to work with you if you are still willing. I sense that it will be later in the summer (roads are good then;-) I would like to do a photo shoot if you are willing. From that I can choose a composition and pose. We will then destroy the photos(or discuss whether you want any of them), then I will want to work from life for a good 12 hours. Of course you must give me your fee for a photo session if you even do them. I usually pay 50$/hour. On another note: I loved the CD you left me of your music. For some reason it now has a skip or two on it:-( when we do work again together, could I have another copy? It is fabulous to paint too. And! I also still have the copy of art in America that you lent me many years ago. It is indeed a great issue. I must remember to get it back to you. And!! the portfolio you left of your work makes me want to curate a show so the world can see what you do. Your art is mystical to me. I enjoy "natures rough-ness" and the "delicate human-ness" that are at play in each of the pieces. I hope you are enjoying
    Posted by

  6. Ruijun Zhang - Hello.
    I am new here,and I haven't decided to upload my portrait yet.
    I have seen your art works,thos​e makes me feel peaceful and quiet.
    I can't agree with you more with your viewpoint about human body——natu​ral is the best.
    About your nips,they are not only sexy,but have a strong visual effect.To be honest,I am a lover of bigger nipples like yours.Even want to touch them.That'​s not for porn,but I can really feel a warm power embracing me,makes me feel excited and at ease.So wonderful,​just need a pure heart.
    I am imagining one day I am leaning on your chest,appr​eciating your special nipples and listening to your heartbeat,​to feel how warm,soft/​comfortabl​e and lively a human body can be.
    Hope some contents wouldn't offend you.
    Best regards.