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Monday, September 21, 2009

the bible-belt unbuckled

sinsation was a celebration of erotic art complete with burlesque dancing, belly dancing, display and sale of "naked art"

it was held in a city located in what could only be called "the bible-belt of north america". it was a fundraiser and alcoholic beverages were served.

three models were hired for the evening .....we (two young females and i)were, however, not naked, though we pushed the envelope as far as we could......the set-up was that we would periodically pose together and several local artists would draw us....the resulting art work was auctioned off at the end of the evening.

it was an intriguing combination and i decided to make the most of it and create the images of sage/guru/horny old geeser gazing adoringly at a nubile young maiden ( whose under other circumstances, naked,swollen and moist labia would symbolize fertility and thus procreation.....rather bible-like, wouldn't you say?)

and speaking of labia.....a lot of instructors in fine art programs have a favorite pose for their female models: lying on their side (very much like the one above, but then stark naked).
it is the one pose that maximizes the visibility of butt and provides an opportunity for an adventurous model to let some pussy peek from between the cheeks.
there are vantage points, of course from which this pose is not that exciting, but one can always walk about for whatever reason and sneak a peek, which for the 19-year old male students could be followed by a trip to the washroom

though over the years i have found quite a few references to erections during posing naked in cyberspace, i have refrained from sporting one. i have allowed degrees of swelling, but i have always been of the opinion that one should leave something to the imagination. there is a certain thrill in thinking that the odd arytist/art student might be inclined to fantasize. life drawing/painting is really all about sex, after all. men come to these sessions for the "tits and ass" (where else, other than a nude beach, can you be in the presence of a naked woman for a mere $20, or so?) women pose naked at these sessions because they know they are men's sexual desire and men pose naked because.....well, because they are men. drawing/painting the breasts, buttocks and (preferably shaven) pussy is like vicariously touching them. the resulting drawings really are no more than the oldest form of pornography.


  1. Edo,
    I've been looking at your blog and while your argument fascinates me, and your experience no doubt credits what you argue, I wonder about a few things. Of course anyone's particular bias or interest will inform how he/she interprets a situation, thus I read your interpretation with a grain of salt, allowing it to be a truth but not a given. Do you suggest ALL nude modeling as sexually connoted or do you allow there to be varying degrees of explicitness?
    I also wonder why the images you reference, particularly those of egon schiele, who you claim to admire so much, do not appear in your blog. Not even a link to the images.

    I think your argument is a fresh, important idea in nude modeling and modern/contemporary art. Trying too hard to make art safe for the majority by insisting 'nude' not 'naked' and 'art' not 'sex' oversimplifies and reduces expression to a vast extent. Sex, ideas of voyeurism, possession, objectivity of subject, even the term subject are all important tensions within any tradition of art, but your argument is rather egocentric. While of course your personal experience and the art surrounding it is very strong evidence indeed, perhaps broadening the scope and content of your blog to include more than passing references to other artists with no accompanying images will help to convince those less willing to consider your perspective of the actual presence of sexuality and sex within 'safe' art.

    I mean this with all respect, and hope you read it as such. I only offer my suggestions as I am intrigued by your points of view and would like more to be able to consider and read without fear

  2. Good post, Edo. Posing with models of either gender is fun because it makes for more dynamic, interesting poses. Models feed off each other's energy to create a more intriguing pose for the artists. Some of the tension is sexual, some of it isn't. But multiple model sessions are usually the most enjoyable for me as a model.

  3. further to elizabeth:
    i have done some extensive research on the net and elsewhere, and without exception any male i have encountered, has raised (no pun intended) the matter of um....tumescence...proving my point beyond a shadow of a doubt, that sexuality is alive and well and living in the minds of males , if not always in their loins.
    as far as females is concerned, the point is a little harder to prove; you see, women, though intuitively aware they are the object of desire, are more coy and reticent, about openly admitting it.

  4. From: Tessa Nunn
    Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 13:57:31 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: Re: an extremely tardy reply and hello!!
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet sweet sweet sweet !!!!!
    you are on! for all of the above, bald or with hair!
    I WANT TO DO A PHOTO SHOOT WITH YOU ! For my paintings!. I cant tell you the
    surge of creative energy you have just filled me with!