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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

audacity is the signature of true art

in 1994 i wrote  jellyfishjellyfishjellyfish, an experimental piece for theatre.
its description and genesis can be found on my blog
or contact me at

Sunday, July 29, 2012

the male nipple

my video "the male nipple" has been given an age-appropriate warning on youtube and requires the potential viewer to sign in. however, the video is accessible without the need for signing in on vimeo and also on g+ (go to youtube and click on other videos)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

nipples and an uncut cock in the art room

this image is of a drawing by an art college student

the male nipple, it seems, has by and large, been overlooked as an erogenous zone...pity.
mine, having become more robust than those of most men i have seen, have given me intense heightened pleasure during sexual activity, either with my partner, or alone.
as a man who poses naked at art classes, i have found students are well aware of their presence.
just before getting naked, i usually tweak them to make them fully erect.

the bottom image is of a drawing by an art college student

i also have a blog featuring some of my artwork; check out

in the late 1800s robert baden-powel (you may remember him as the chap who invented little old ladies needing help crossing streets) decreed that your parts are not to be played with, thus precipitating north-americans' obsession with circumcision - the removal of part of the skin of the male sex organ.

it was widely acknowledged that this procedure would seriously curtail the incidence of male masturbation.
and also sexual activity, as the resultimg reduction in pleasure would lead to a reduction in sexual appetite.
i'd say the man should be hanged postumously.....
to all the lads out there who feel the urge (and that is all of us, right, regardless of age) fuck lord baden powell....let's just masturbate to our hearts' content.

the man further suggested that the temptation to masturbate could be resisted by not sleeping under a too warm blanket, washing your parts with cold water and cooling them down, eating less meat and less rich food. he also warned against sleeping on your back in a soft bed to avoid giving in to the urge to engage in this "sinful" practice.

several awful diseases come from indulgence, he warned,one, especially, that rots away the inside of men's mouths, noses and eyes.

his warnings were heeded especially in north america where parents in droves lined up to have their young sons mutilated and relegated to a life time of reduced sexual pleasure..

around the same time a plethora of devices appeared on the market, all designed to discourage masturbation, both male and female.

as a male posing naked for fine art students and artists, i proudly show off my uncut cock .
i am an atheist, but if there were a god, i want to thank her for allowing me to have been born in europe.

note: i believe the word foreskin is a misnomer. it would imply that it's a separate part of the anatomical make-up of the cock.

that is not the case. the cock is encased in skin and circumcision simply rips off a part of it.

the religious right advanced an incredible justification for this practice several yars ago, by claiming that the "harvested" skin was being used to help regenerate skin in burn victims.

the third image is of a drawing done by an art college student, all the others are done by me
for great pics of intact cocks and info , visit

Monday, December 7, 2009

who pissed in your porn flicks?

over the course of this blog i have tried to advance the point of view that the act of posing naked and the act of drawing, painting, sculpting and photographing the naked human have an inherent sexual quality, even a sexual intent.

those who have responded to my musings about this with vehement denials of such, may be less forthcoming in admitting that sexual thoughts and stirrings are indeed present before, during and after these modeling sessions.

the questions i keep posing are "is the sight of a woman lyng naked on a platform not an erotic one?" and "when you are drawing the breasts and genitals, are you not in fact vicariously touching them, or fantasizing about them?"

among the oeuvre of odd nerdrum, a very successful contemporary artist in new york
is a painting of a female urinating titled "pissing woman", the steaming stream of golden urine splashing against a rock.
free pornsites in cyberspace are overflowing (no pun intended) with such (video) images.

so,here is the question: is the image of a woman peeing art if it is a painting done by an established artist and is it pornography if it is a video clip on a porn site?
nerdrum's art is very narrative and at times quite morbid, but always superb.
in another painting titled "morning at shitrock" three naked women are lined up squatting, a brown substance emanating from the nether parts of their bodies.

and then there is egon schiele's work, including selfportaits sporting enormous erections and one in which he is masturbating.....
again, art, or pornography?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


this image is of a sculpture done by a university student

Monday, September 21, 2009

the bible-belt unbuckled

sinsation was a celebration of erotic art complete with burlesque dancing, belly dancing, display and sale of "naked art"

it was held in a city located in what could only be called "the bible-belt of north america". it was a fundraiser and alcoholic beverages were served.

three models were hired for the evening .....we (two young females and i)were, however, not naked, though we pushed the envelope as far as we could......the set-up was that we would periodically pose together and several local artists would draw us....the resulting art work was auctioned off at the end of the evening.

it was an intriguing combination and i decided to make the most of it and create the images of sage/guru/horny old geeser gazing adoringly at a nubile young maiden ( whose under other circumstances, naked,swollen and moist labia would symbolize fertility and thus procreation.....rather bible-like, wouldn't you say?)

and speaking of labia.....a lot of instructors in fine art programs have a favorite pose for their female models: lying on their side (very much like the one above, but then stark naked).
it is the one pose that maximizes the visibility of butt and provides an opportunity for an adventurous model to let some pussy peek from between the cheeks.
there are vantage points, of course from which this pose is not that exciting, but one can always walk about for whatever reason and sneak a peek, which for the 19-year old male students could be followed by a trip to the washroom

though over the years i have found quite a few references to erections during posing naked in cyberspace, i have refrained from sporting one. i have allowed degrees of swelling, but i have always been of the opinion that one should leave something to the imagination. there is a certain thrill in thinking that the odd arytist/art student might be inclined to fantasize. life drawing/painting is really all about sex, after all. men come to these sessions for the "tits and ass" (where else, other than a nude beach, can you be in the presence of a naked woman for a mere $20, or so?) women pose naked at these sessions because they know they are men's sexual desire and men pose naked because.....well, because they are men. drawing/painting the breasts, buttocks and (preferably shaven) pussy is like vicariously touching them. the resulting drawings really are no more than the oldest form of pornography.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

student drawings of edo

conte drawing by susan Delaney collection edo deweert

graphite drawing by Brenda Draney   collection edo deweertthis was one of two poses for a painting that was done over several sessions.....i actually did both poses for this piece, which is a university student's work