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Sunday, July 29, 2012

ten years of standing still

for a period of ten years I have been posing naked for artists and art students in eight different post secondary art institutions with more than 100 instructors.
the experience has been rewarding and interesting and has included a session which was a fundraiser for one of the institutions where alcohol was served.
suddenly one of the patrons who appeared quite inebriated, placed himself in front of me facing the audience, with a bottle of beer in one hand pulled his pants down and slurred "I can do this too"
the money was not the greatest and working conditions were dismal.
little space heaters competed often with floodlights for power resulting in tripped switches.
expectations from instructors as well as students were sometimes unrealistic, unreasonable.
the erotic ambiance was  often so thick you could slice it with a knife.
nubile young female models were at times handsomely paid for striking rather sensual poses after the official sessions had ended.
said one instructor:"a naked butt sticking in the air is more interesting than a wolf"
still, it was an honour to have become the subject of paintings by two of Alberta's major artists, dean smale for his painting ode to edo, and Tessa nunn's  man in yellow robe (both can be seen further down on this blog)
one of the institutions bestowed upon me a certificate and a watch for ten years of naked service to its visual arts program
and, no, I never gave anyone the satisfaction of seeing the erect state of my penis as so many of my young colleagues do.
but my large nipples seemed to be a subject of art and conversation, with one instructor musing :" my, those nipples are a distraction"
as a committed anti-circumcision activist I was especially thrilled to use this vehicle to celebrate the uncut cock .

Sunday, April 5, 2009

student drawings of edo

conte drawing by susan Delaney collection edo deweert

graphite drawing by Brenda Draney   collection edo deweertthis was one of two poses for a painting that was done over several sessions.....i actually did both poses for this piece, which is a university student's work

the image above  is of dean smale's painting "ode to edo"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

when naked is not enough

don't restrict yourself to your own wardrobe,she said.suggesting that i check out my wife's closet as well and the missus got down to business and picked out three dresses, we  (actually, i) spent some time at the ironing board and off i trudged.
the concensus zeroed in on the red dress and the universe unfolded as it should.
they are barely visible, but check out the red toenails

on the top is the drawing by one of the students; don't you just love the expression of ennui?
and no, no sex, no nakedness, just great (art?), just a great character study

naked - not a selfportrait - by edo

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

edo naked

two versions of a painting of edo by Tessa Nunn

drawing/painting/sculpting/photographing the naked human being....why?
there really is nothing artsy about the human body, although some artists have indeed added a platonic human touch to the naked human.
but more often than not it's really all about sex
take pierre auguste renoir's " bather"for example. renoir here an artist, or a peeping tom?
is society clamoring for an image of naked woman drying herself after taking a bath?....are we really not simply party to a private act for sexual purposes?<
egon schiele, that brilliant austrian artist of the turn of the 20th century, (in fact, one of two of my favorite paintings of all time is his the self-seers II) created a volume of work that borders on the pornographic:
check out his drawings of naked and semi-naked women (and girls), his self portrait sporting an enormous erection and his self portrait while masturbating.
are they art?     many will be wanting to debate this point, but..... at auctions at sotheby's and christie's they would fetch tens of millions.

what about odd nerdrum?....odd who??? well, let me tell you about this contemporary artist who was born in norway, but , i understand, now lives in new york, ....
check out his morning at shitrock, in which three women line up, squat and expel a brown substance from the nether parts of their bodies.
or, woman pissing, the warm golden stream of urine splashing on a rock in front of her.
and who can forget.his self portrait in golden cape......

nerdrum's work is extremely descriptive and his nudes are truly awe-inspiring. many incorporating  intriguing narratives


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my art work

my artwork can be seen by visiting

to read my poems , vignettes and other writing,

Sunday, February 15, 2009